Kinson Lo

Founder & CEO

Kinson is the visionary behind Dot. He is an entrepreneur with extensive experience investing professionally and privately. He has invested in several startups as an angel.  Before founding Dot Investing in 2018, Kinson was a partner at a single family office in Germany and Hong Kong, responsible for investment strategy, deal sourcing and operations. From 2014 to 2015, Kinson was an investment principal at Siu Ying Holdings, an investment management firm in Hong Kong focusing on real estate and venture investment opportunities. Kinson began his career as a financial analyst in 2013, having graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration with a major in finance. More recently he attended the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme at the University of Oxford. Kinson has extensive experience as a private investor and has built up a strong network of professional investors in Europe and Asia.

Kinson founded Dot after experiencing the lack of choice and barriers for individual investors when investing in private markets.