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Top institutional investors and family offices invest generously in private and alternative funds to build and preserve their wealth. We provide exclusive access to some of the most sought after private and alternative funds in the world, so you can invest with the best.

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Unlock your investment potential by accessing private assets and alternative investment strategies. Diversify your portfolio by gaining exposure to private markets.

Public market investing is often driven by fear and greed, creating volatility in prices and causing investors to buy and sell securities at the wrong time. Meanwhile, institutional investors are realising stable and often superior returns in private equity, real estate, venture capital and other private market investment strategies.

Data Source

*PE Data Source: Cambridge Associates, Global PrivateEquity Benchmark Statistics, Q4-2020. The index is a horizon calculation basedon data compiled from 2,220 private equity funds, including fully liquidatedpartnerships, formed between 1986 and 2020. Pooled horizon return, net of fees,expenses, and carried interest.

Funds selected by experts

We reduce the guesswork. Our expert investment team screens and conducts in-depth analysis across the full range of private asset classes. We select the best opportunities available from a variety of outstanding funds to meet diverse investment needs.

User friendly technology and competitive costs

Invest in private markets with the ease and confidence of investing in the stock market. Our digital platform allows you to research, invest and monitor performance quickly and easily. Our fees are competitive and transparent.

Reduced minimum investments, invest from £100k

You can invest from £100k into funds that would previously be out of reach due to high minimum investment requirements.

FCA Regulated

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) and therefore conduct our affairs in accordance with the rules and guidance set out in the FCA Handbook.

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Javier Sanchez, Managing Director at ARB Resources
“Valuable insights from leading industry figures”

Thank you to Dot for the recent webinar, it was both enjoyable and valuable to get insights on private and alternative investing from a partner at a leading fund.

Javier Sanchez
Managing Partner
Javier Sanchez, Managing Director at ARB Resources
“A winning combination of expertise and technology”

I have confidence in the funds I see on Dot's digital platform as I know that they have been carefully vetted by Dot's investment team. The team are responsive and helpful, I feel secure investing with Dot.

Mukhtar Adam
Finance Professional
Javier Sanchez, Managing Director at ARB Resources
“Opening the door to private investing”

Dot Investing has opened the door to the top end of private markets to investors like me. Dot's platform is a much-needed evolution of the private and alternative investing landscape.

Ivy Leong
Family Office Partner

Your investments can have a positive impact

We believe in investing with purpose and we join the dots between the two; championing investments with high return potential that will have a positive ESG impact.

Join Dot and invest in funds aiming to positively impact the societal and environmental issues our world faces. We select funds that generate strong returns from investing in positive secular trends; delivering clear benefits to society.

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Private market investing often seems like an unfamiliar world. The selection process can be complex and there are only a handful of top performing managers across different asset classes and investment strategies. Properly analysing and selecting best-in-class managers requires knowledge and experience. There is a material difference in investment returns achieved between selecting top quartile and bottom quartile performers.

That's why we built Dot Investing; to empower all investors with the tools, knowledge and access they need to confidently invest in private and alternative markets.

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